About Pepper Secret


Naturally handcrafted bath and home care made from the highest grade peppercorn of Belitung Islang, Indonesia.


We believe that nature provides what we need, and it is better than any other man-made substitute. Our search for Indonesia’s native spices with unknown but remarkable health benefits has brought us to the island of Belitung. Nestled on the West tip of the Archipelago, its rich land has provided a fertile ground for the Peppercorn plants.


Once upon a time, the peppercorn plant was the green gold of the Island of Belitung in Indonesia. Its reputation drew suitors from all over the world during the Dutch East Indies time. Threatened by new species and mining exploitation, the peppercorn plant was not diminishing. Driven by the aim to revitalize the glory of Belitung peppercorn, Pepper Secret creates personal and home care that brings forth the incredible benefits of this plant.


It is our mission to re-establish this reputation. And we do so by sourcing our Peppercorn from Belitung, minimally processing it to retain its many health and beauty benefits for you through our personal and home care line.


The white and black peppercorn have many benefits for us.
There are some example:
Black & White Pepper increase nutrient absorption and boosting inmune and digestive system.
Essential Oil Black Pepper support healthy circulation, anti-inflammantory, and musecle & tendon repair.
Skin Benefits provides antioxidant support, anti bacterial and stimulate the production of pigmentation in the skin.
Aromatherapy Benefits soothes anxious feelings, eases smoking withdrawal and act as anti-depresant.

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